By Tim French in Blog.

Greetings from THE BEACH,

You might have read in a recent newsletter that AQUA and PCB will be featured in an episode of HGTV‘s hit series BEACHFRONT BARGAIN HUNT.The show,originally scheduled for July 6th will now be aired on August 24th at 8 EST. That might be CST, but you can check your local listings.
Several fortunate events lead up to the filming of this show. Several years ago I sold a condo to Laura & David Rudder, and David works for HGTV. This family is typical of many new owners, young successful, and really fun people to be around. And I found out on their last trip they are having a baby! It makes me happy knowing that child will grow up on the beach with family memories long after I check out.
So last fall, I get a referral from an AQUA owner to help another young couple with 3 lovely children buy a condo. They were looking in Destin, Ariel Dunes, and the research I did showed the condo 150 yards from the beach………AND they would have had to cross a busy road in Destin. 
I called Brody and Gidge Black to discuss PCB and set up a meeting at AQUA. I won’t reveal the “plot” of the show, but they bought a condo in AQUA. They were a blast to work with, very genuine and personable. I especially enjoyed their children. Great chemistry between the group of us.
Last January I got a mass email describing the process of being picked to be the agent in an HGTV show featuring PCB. Not one to follow directions, I called David and he said he’d look into what is going on. About an hour later I got a call from New York asking for some personal info. Then I talked with the casting director, and the rest is well documented in the show.
Gidge, Brody and I all were thinking the worst about the performance, but when we saw a preview, our fears were unfounded. They were wonderful as the buyers, their kids were real, and thankfully I played a minor role as the agent.
The real stars of the episode is AQUA and PCB. That’s all you need to know until AUGUST 24th. Save the date!
This experience has changed the way I have approached selling beachfront property. I realized that the exposure is a once in a lifetime chance for international attention and I was not at all prepared. The first thing I did was move my license to Karen Smith’s firm BEACHY BEACH. Karen is a legend for her THE BEACH SHOW, an internet hit. Her approach to sales was much more in tune with my personality and the HGTV show was a catalyst to move. Check out her website,   
The next thing I did was upgrade my website. I’m hopeful there will be a dramatic change in traffic to my website. I’m very happy with it and please do me a favor and visit Please send me suggestions and comments on how I can make it more friendly for buyers. I encourage you to visit frequently to check on AQUA listings and other comps on the beach. 
Recently I got a call from several owners and they asked if I sold AQUA 1902. I did sell that condo to a guy that has been on my mailing list for 4 years, and the owner paid me 3% since I was the only agent. To my “dismay”, to put it lightly, an agent mailed out a post card that implies that he sold the condo and that every owner in AQUA should use him to sell their condo. He did not and the advertisement was very misleading.
I don’t send out blasts around the world every time I sell a condo. Actually at some of those prices I’m not very proud of the sale. My brother owns a condo in the building and he said he didn’t want to know. The good news is AQUA is the premier property on the beach, and it makes some agents risk their license sending out bogus postcards.
I’ll send you another email reminding you of the show. It might be helpful with marketing your condo for rental business.
Life’s a Beach,

Tim French
Panama City Beach, Fl.