About Me

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and I love my roots back in the Blue Grass state. After I graduated from the University of Kentucky I spent several years in Education in the Oldham County school system, coaching, teaching and in administration.

In 1983 I left education and made a quantum leap to Wall Street, starting my career as a stock broker with Paine Webber, on to EF HUTTON, then to Shearson Lehman.  That experience trained me in so many ways as I eventually followed my dream of living on the beach.

That was a tough time in the economic cycle…. unemployment, recession, low consumer confidence, political dissent. Sound familiar? The stock market was below 1,000 in those days, and I was fortunate to see an incredible run on Wall Street and witness first hand several historic bull runs and crashes like October 19, 1987. I remember that day well, thinking the market will never recover.

Of course it did, and when the real estate market crashed in 2008, I was prepared to pass my vision on to buyers and help instill confidence in the future of Panama City Beach.

Since moving to PCB in 2007, I have closed on over $75,000,000 in beach front property. I have seen Pier Park rise from a field across the street from the beach and witnessed the new Airport become a reality.

People tell me we’ll never see another run in the real estate market like we did in 1995 through 2006. I strongly disagree. Forces are in place for another big move in beachfront property and I am focusing on helping my clients create wealth and enjoy their investment much more than a stock or bond portfolio.

Let me know how I can assist you in making your dream of owning beachfront property come true!

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