BP Might Owe You Money

By Tim French in ARCHIVE newsletters.

Greetings from THE BEACH,

I thought I’d take advantage of this extra hour on a Sunday morning to send out some information that will get many of my readers PAID. 

Even if you did not rent your condo, or if you did not lose money in rentals, if you owned a condo on the beach in 2010 BP will rebate your property tax paid in 2010, PLUS 50%.

If you sold your condo after the oil spill, you still can make a claim to receive that rebate.

Here are typical property taxes on the AQUA condos, but will vary by square footage.

1 BR $2800 x .50 + $1400= $4,200

2 BR  $3100 X .50 + $1550 = $4,650

3 BR  $4500 X .50 +  $2,250 = $6,750

There are 3 ways you can make a claim.

1) Visit the BP claims office in Panama City Beach.

 Deepwater Horizon Claims Center, 7938 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach

(850) 233-0727

2) Visit the website and make the claim on line. 

  1. deepwaterhorizoneconomicsettlement.com

I tried this and after giving myself a splitting headache, I asked someone to do it for me.

3) Have some one make the claim for you and pay them 10%. There is an owner at AQUA that has become quite good at this and can have you a check in 3 weeks. If interested let me know and I’ll pass on her name. 

I’m not sure if you’ve already made a claim and got paid if the rebate was included, but you probably signed a waiver of all future claims, so BP might not allow a COASTAL PROPERTY CLAIM.

Good luck. You knew eventually you’d make some money reading this newsletter, didn’t you??

I’ve been saying for several years FED EX will eventually have a presence in Panama City Beach. Read this article about how they are planning on taking advantage of the various ways of transportation this area has to offer.

This is a very big deal for the future of this area!

Fed Ex comes to Panama City.


I wrote an article for the Chamber Magazine about how Panama City Beach is an “Emerging Market”. One benefit of growth is following the lead of the fully robust and highly developed markets. Check this article out about what is happening in Miami.

Condo Boom in South Florida


Pier Park North is exploding before our eyes, and will be open for business in the spring. Condo sales get slow at the end of the year while buyers wait for the rental market bonanza in the spring, but prices will be much higher after the winter, trust me.

If I can help you, a business partner, or friend in any way, get in touch with me. 

Life’s a beach,

Tim French

Beachy Beach Real Estate

Panama City Beach, Fl.